This introduction serves as an invitation to join in an on-going journey of discovery. You will not need to buy tickets nor make travel plans. All that's required is your Bible and a quiet place to read and meditate. Together we'll explore the Book of Psalms, Israel’s hymnal and longest collection of poetry.  

Psalm 105:8-15

Provider and Protector

(8) He remembers his covenant forever, the word he commanded for a thousand generations, (9) (the covenant) which he made with Abraham and his oath to Isaac (10) which he confirmed to Jacob as a statute, to Israel as a covenant forever, (11) saying, “To you I will give this land of Canaan as the portion of your inheritance. (12) When they were only a few individuals in number and only sojourners in it, (13) wandering from one nation to another, from one kingdom to another people, (14) he allowed no one to oppress them. For their sakes he rebuked kings: (15) “Do not touch my anointed ones. Do my prophets no harm.”

One repetition marks this segment, two words twice linked together, “covenant forever” (vss. 8 & 10). Note also the use of five proper names referring to three individuals and an area of land, all connected to the eternal covenant which God first established with Abraham and then with Isaac and Jacob, also called Israel (vss. 9 & 10). This involved Yahweh’s promise to give to the patriarchs and their offspring the land of Canaan (vs. 11) as well as pledging to protect them until they were able to possess it (vss. 12-15). 

I.  Provision: Yahweh’s everlasting covenant with Abraham  (8-11)
II.  Protection: Yahweh taking care of his chosen family  (12-15)

Those whom Yahweh chooses to be the recipients of his grace will also experience his protection from danger.

This segment of Psalm 105 functions as a summary of Genesis 12-50, the chapters which contain the detailed accounts of the lives of the patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. There we find both Yahweh’s choice of this unique family to receive his covenant blessings and the gracious care he bestowed on them during their years of sojourning before bringing their descendants into the land that he had promised to give them.

Whenever we buy a new electronic gadget, we are likely to be offered and urged to purchase an expensive warranty to protect the item for an extended period of time so that, if anything ever happens to it, we will be completely covered for all parts and labor. When God gave his covenant to Abraham and his progeny, he provided at no extra cost a “total care plan” to accompany the gift. He spelled out what he would do for them and, in addition, guaranteed to take care of them until that plan would actually be fulfilled. This is a lovely picture of what those who trust in Jesus Christ as Savior can expect, not just the promise that when we die we will be received into heaven, but a guarantee of God’s presence with us and protection over us throughout the remainder of our lives.

Psalm 105:16-22

Psalm 105:1-7